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Charitable Giving Strategies

Expand Your Charitable Giving Horizons

Expand Your Charitable Giving Horizons

You may have lived a lifestyle of giving for decades or just recently discovered the art of giving joyfully.  Perhaps you give to an organization that is seeking to cure a disease a loved one is stricken by or to the university you attended.  Maybe you give to be an example to the generations that are following in your footsteps.  The reasons and timing behind giving are varied and unique to each individual or family.

Whatever your reasons behind giving to a cause or organization or how long you have been giving, we invite you to consider a Donor Advised Fund to expand your giving horizons and maximize the impact of your giving.  

What Is a Donor Advised Fund?

What Is a Donor Advised Fund?

A Donor Advised Fund (DAF) is a type of charitable account that is the fastest-growing options in charitable giving.

After setting up a Donor Advised Fund with a sponsoring organization, you can contribute a variety of assets to the DAF including stocks, mutual funds, real estate, cash and more.  Then your contributions can be invested in various strategies (including Biblically Responsible Strategies) and given the opportunity to grow until the time where you are ready to direct grants to your desired charitable organization recipients.

Benefits of a Donor Advised Fund

Benefits of a Donor Advised Fund

There are several benefits to considering a Donor Advised Fund:

  • Tax deduction in the year that the contribution to the fund is made, even if those funds are not granted out of the fund until some future year.
  • Capital gains tax can often be avoided when appreciated assets are contributed to a DAF.
  • Any investment growth inside a DAF is not taxable to the donor.
  • Contributions to a DAF are considered a completed gift, so the DAF is not subject to estate taxes.
  • and More!

How Does a Donor Advised Fund Work?


Our office will guide you through setting up your account.  Then you can donate a wide variety of asset types including stock, cash, real estate and more.  


Your account is invested according to your tolerance for risk and can also be invested according to Biblically Responsible Investing Standards.


Funds are granted to charitable organizations of your choosing and at your timing. 

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